StreetScan is doing its part to improve America’s civil infrastructure by addressing a chronic problem facing our society: aging roadways. We aim to lead the national effort to raise average road conditions by shifting the existing focus from periodic, localized inspections to a new system of continuous network-wide roadway health monitoring without stopping traffic.

The Foundation

StreetScan was born out of a response by Northeastern University to a solicitation from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Technology Innovation Program (TIP), which was established to support innovative and high-risk, high-reward research in areas of critical societal need. The resulting VOTERS Project (Versatile Onboard Traffic Embedded Roaming Sensors) was ultimately funded by the NIST TIP and successfully demonstrated new pavement inspection solutions in 2014. The working prototype was vetted in several Massachusetts pilot studies and through numerous peer-reviewed publications. The entire City of Beverly was successfully surveyed under contract in 2014 and resurveyed in April 2015 to quantify the road deterioration after a harsh winter.

How We Got Started

Encouraged by numerous unsolicited requests for pavement inspection surveys, and fueled by a deluge of good national and international press after the harsh winter of 2015 in the northeastern United States, the time was right to transfer the VOTERS technology. In March 2015 the team decided to start up StreetScan and commercialize the technology from Northeastern University. Many of the key contributors to that VOTERS project are now the founders and employees of StreetScan.

On the road to becoming a commercial start-up, StreetScan has received additional funding and assistance through various sources. StreetScan was a finalist of the 2015 MassChallenge Boston and participated in a four-month long business accelerator program, gaining a better business management foundation as well as connections to a large network of entrepreneurs and supporters from a wide variety of industries.

Subsequently, StreetScan applied and was invited in December 2015 to participate in the four month TiE ScaleUp Accelerator Program, which assists start-ups that have gained initial traction and are ready to scale up and grow. TiE ScaleUp provides mentoring and training in strategy, leadership and team dynamics, marketing and financing, as well as access to investors and other successful entrepreneurs.


Since the summer of 2015 StreetScan has been providing a pavement inspection and management service that is fast, objective, and affordable to be used city-wide on a frequent basis, ensuring that repair decisions are never based on outdated or incomplete data.

There are four parts to our core service:

  1. An innovative mobile sensing solution
  2. Big data handling, processing, algorithms, and analysis
  3. Visualization of deliverables in a secure web-based GIS application
  4. A pavement management engine using StreetScan data for repair decision making

In addition, StreetScan is starting up several other engineering services.

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