Acquisition Technology

Collect the data

Our innovative multi-modal multi-sensor system collects pavement-related data while traveling in traffic.

  • Acoustic technology uses tire-induced vibrations and sound waves to determine surface texture, roughness and overall condition. The waves are recorded with directional microphones  and a newly developed Dynamic Tire Pressure Sensor (DTPS) (patent pending).
  • Millimeter-wave Surface Radar Array technology focuses on determining road profile and rutting depth in addition to mapping surface defects and features such as potholes, water, or metal (manhole and other utility covers) (patent pending).
  • Video Camera is used to capture surface defects for verification of results from the other sensors, analyzing cracks for their types and severity (disclosure filed).
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Array maps subsurface information such as pavement layers (thicknesses and electromagnetic properties) in addition to rebar corrosion and delamination of bridge decks.

The data are collected in tight time synchronization with the navigation system.

Image of StreetScan van with descriptions of the different sensors.
The ScanVan and its featured sensing systems.

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