Decision making based on up-to-date data

The PAVEMAN toolbox provides visual tools and methods that help decision makers formulate optimum strategies to maintain and improve their roadways over a given time period. PAVEMAN is embedded in PAVEMON and uses both Streetscan data and third-party data to produce an organized data-driven approach for pavement management activities.

1. Projecting ePCI (Pavement Condition Index): PAVEMAN uses a data driven deterioration model that takes into account the occurrence of extreme weather events to visualize road conditions with varying funding levels.

Using PAVEMAN’s time-slider to project conditions back and forth in time.
Using PAVEMAN’s time-slider to project conditions back and forth in time.

2. Repair Suggestions: PAVEMAN suggests the most effective treatments ranging from slurry seal to an overlay to a full removal and reconstruction for each road segment. With this tool, you can customize the cost of each repair method, choose to exclude certain unwanted repairs from the suggestion results, and generate results for the whole network or, by drawing an area on the map, just for the selected area.

PAVEMAN’s Repair Suggestion Tool for selected areas
PAVEMAN’s Repair Suggestion Tool for selected areas.

3. Repair Prioritization: PAVEMAN prioritizes repair operations based on your available budget. In the tool, you can change the default priorities and impose various constraints, for example, streets to be included in the results. You can interactively change the priorities and observe the projected impact on the network’s performance.

PAVEMAN's Repair Prioritization Tool.
PAVEMAN’s Repair Prioritization Tool.

4. Long Term Planner: PAVEMAN schedules long term maintenance schemes based on your goals. You define a target ePCI to reach after a defined number of years and the system will generate the estimated budget required based on the current and predicted pavement conditions.

PAVEMAN’s settings are fully customizable. You can change default priorities and the repair decision trees to fit your preferences. You can also change the settings to see the effect of different decisions.

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