Process, Analysis, and Visualization

Turn the data into something you can understand

We created PAVEMON, a web-based GIS data management, processing, and visualization environment designed for PAVEment condition MONitoring.  In addition to handling the terabytes of data we collect, PAVEMON weaves together information from third-party pavement inventories and performance databases to predict future pavement conditions and financial needs to help you identify and prioritize maintenance activities.

Three components make it all work.

  1. An Oracle database management system uses geo-references as the primary means of indexing information. This database is populated with the data being collected as well as by third-party data.
  2. Spatial analysis functions incorporate statistical and conceptual models and allow users to perform computations on data groups or layers and to view relationships that would otherwise not be obvious. This feature differentiates PAVEMON from non-GIS design and mapping tools.
  3. A vast array of functions are executable through a web-browser, making PAVEMON a full process, not just software or hardware.
Pavement image pop-up boxes showing the points of their location for quick validation of ePCI ratings.
PAVEMON features at your fingertips.

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