StreetScan offers the following services:

Pavement Inspection and Management

StreetScan provides a city-wide pavement inspection service that is fast, objective, and affordable, using innovative sensing technologies to detect surface and subsurface roadway defects. Since inspections are done on a frequent basis, repair decisions are never based on outdated or incomplete data. We deliver processed data within a few weeks of data collection through our PAVEment MONitoring Sys­tem, PAVEMON, a GIS web application that provides data and management tools, empowering cities to do more with their budget.

PAVEMON also predicts future pavement conditions, helps prioritize maintenance activities, and manages third-party asset data. PAVEMON’s Pavement Management Toolbox provides visual tools and methods that help decision makers formulate optimum strategies to maintain and improve their roadways, driven by information and data, rather than intuition or personal opinions.

Our pavement inspection and management service deliverables:

  • Equivalent Pavement Condition Index (ePCI)
  • Road features
  • City-wide statistics
  • Pavement images
  • Front-looking images
  • Cracks types and density
  • Pavement management tools
  • Asphalt thickness (optional)

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3D Below Ground Mapping & Subsurface Sensing

StreetScan provides specialized geophysical subsurface imaging and sensing services using 3D Imaging GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) and EMI (Electromagnetic Induction) technology.

  • Large-scale utility mapping: utility locations in 3D, leaking water pipes, voids, pavement layers, etc
  • Soil monitoring: water content, soil quality, composition, etc

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GIS Consulting

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is a powerful tool used to visualize, analyze, and interpret data and provide insights into patterns and relationships. StreetScan provides GIS consulting services ranging from enterprise spatially enabled systems to custom GIS web or desktop applications. As a proud partner of Esri, we leverage and integrate a variety of ArcGIS technologies to facilitate our clients’ goals. Prior to joining StreetScan, our staff has gained experience working in a variety of industries which supports our multi-disciplinary approach to projects. Below is a list of the services we offer:

  • Setting up and populating geospatial databases
  • Mapping data in 2D and 3D
  • Developing custom GIS web / desktop applications
  • Developing custom decision making tools and dashboards
  • Analyzing and providing insight into data from different sources

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